2019 Golf Day – Celebrity Player Silent Auction



This year there will be a silent auction before the Melbourne Market Golf Day, that will be held for the celebrity players that will be attending the event. The winners of these auctions will get to have their celebrity join their golf team on the day of the event. These celebrities include high profile ex-AFL players as well as professional golfers, and their contribution to the day and the atmosphere of the event is always exceptional.

The silent auction will take place as follows:

  • A list of the celebrity players for the 2019 Melbourne Market Charity Golf Day will be displayed below so that there is fair and open access for all golf day registered players
  • When the silent auction is opened for bidding, each player will have a minimum starting bid listed next to their name below
  • Your golf team must be registered in order to submit a bid on any player (registration forms are to be returned to the Fresh State Office at the Melbourne Market or sent to kate@freshstate.com.au)
  • If you would like to bid on a player you will need to email kate@freshstate.com.au and include which player you are bidding on and the amount you are bidding for them
  • In order to beat the current highest bidder, you must bid an amount that is a minimum of $100 higher than the current highest bid
  • If you have made a bid that is higher than the highest bid as recorded on the website, your name/company will be listed as the current highest bidder next to your chosen player’s name (emailed bids will be taken in the order they are received – first come, first served)
  • On the 8th of February bidding will close, and the highest bidders will get to have their chosen celebrity player join their golf team for the Melbourne Market Golf Day competition

For further information about the celebrity player silent auction:

Contact Fresh State on 03 9408 6627 or email kate@freshstate.com.au



Celebrity Player:
Current Bid:
Bid Holder:
Paul Vander Haar   

(Ex-AFL Essendon)

Paul Vander Haar played football for Essendon in the 80s and was known as ‘the Flying Dutchman’ for his marking ability. Paul has been previously involved with the Melbourne Market Charity Golf Day and would be a great addition to any team. $300 Minimum Starting Bid
Brent Stanton   

(Ex-AFL Essendon)

A recently retired ex-AFL player, Brent Stanton was a star for Essendon throughout the 2000s all the way up until 2017. During his football career Stanton was also known for his passion and skill at golf. $300 Minimum Starting Bid
Terry Daniher   

(Ex-AFL Essendon)

 Another regular supporter of the Melbourne Market Charity Golf Day, Terry Daniher was a champion for the Essendon Football Club through the 80s and 90s and has many a story to tell about the club and life as a professional footballer. $300 Minimum Starting Bid
Jason Johnson   

(Ex-AFL Essendon)

 Renowned as a relentless midfielder for Essendon in the late 90s and early 2000s, Jason Johnson enjoys his golf and is now a sports nutritionist creating meal solutions for elite sporting teams and individuals. $300 Minimum Starting Bid
John Platten   

(Ex-AFL Hawthorn)

John Platten’s involvement with last year’s Melbourne Market Charity Golf Day was a highlight, and this year is sure to be no different. An ex-Hawthorn footballer, John player through the 80s and 90s, and has a long history of supporting DEBRA Australia.  $300 Minimum Starting Bid
Gary Buckenara   

(Ex-AFL Hawthorn)

Gary Buckenara is a well-kown ex-footballer for his talent as well as his after the siren kick that won Hawthorn the prelim final in 1987. He continues to support the Melbourne Market Charity Golf Day and DEBRA through appearing at this event and always being a memorable contributor to the day. $300 Minimum Starting Bid
Tony Shaw   

(Ex-AFL Collingwood)

 Since retiring from his illustrious career with the Collingwood Football Club Tony Shaw has gone on to be a sports commentator on 3AW. A renowned member of Australia’s sporting community, Tony is sure to be a wise choice to add to your team. $300 Minimum Starting Bid
James Marchesani   

(Pro Golfer)

 James Marchesani is a professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour of Australasia in 2017, where he recorded a T2 place finish at the Fiji International and a T3 finish at the Victorian PGA Championship. $300 Minimum Starting Bid
Anthony Marchesani   

(Pro Golfer)

Anthony Marchesani is also a professional golfer, most recently playing in the REBEL Sport Masters where he recorded a T67 place finish. $300 Minimum Starting Bid

If you would like to bid on any player email your bid to kate@freshstate.com.au

Remember: to become the current highest bidder, you must bid an amount that is a minimum of $100 higher than the highest bid for that player so far.