August 2018 – Pricing News from the Market Floor


Pricing News updates from the Melbourne Market floor as of the beginning of August 2018.




This August bananas are in moderate supply in the market and their prices are steady.





There is a reasonable supply of the Hass variety of avocado from growing regions in Queensland, and prices are adjusting in keeping with this level of supply.





Custard Apples:

The values for custard apples are steady as they are in light to moderate supply this August.








We have a moderate supply of beans in the market this August, and values are remaining steady.





Peas, Snow Peas, Sugar Snap Peas:

Pea varieties are in moderate supply at the market with steady values persisting.






The is a very good supply of zucchini in the market this month, and their values are currently quite attractive.






This August Capsicums are in lighter supply, yet their values are good.







All varieties of tomatoes have a moderate to good supply coming into the market at the moment and their prices are very reasonable.







We have a steady supply of lemons in the market and their values remain stable. 







In the market this August there is a moderate supply of the Afourer Mandarin variety and their prices are steady.




There is a light supply of Kensington Pride mangoes from the Northern Territory in the market this August, and prices are adjusting as more volume becomes available.






There is a good supply of strawberries from Queensland and Western Australia, and their prices are currently very attractive.






This August there is a moderate supply of blueberries at steady prices.







A light to moderate supply of cucumbers are in the market this August, and prices are higher than usual but are adjusting as more supply becomes available.