Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Melbourne Markets Credit Service?

The operations of Melbourne Markets Credit Service benefit all sectors of the fruit and vegetable industry. It provides security to both buyers and sellers operating within the Melbourne Markets along with other central markets around Australia.

So how does it work?

By completing the initial application and returning to us, we will assess your application and provide you a limit which is applicable to your weekly purchases.

Once a week you will be able to access a comprehensive statement which is available online, showing your purchases for the week. You will only need to make one repayment on the due date of the invoice.

What will this cost me?

Unlike the majority of cash flow assistance facilities, there are no upfront fees. The fee structure depends on the trading terms that you request.

The majority of accounts are approved with trading terms of 14 days. Other trading terms are available on request.

Buyer = $0 , Seller rates start at 0.6% ($6.00 per $1000)

Will this cost me anything if I do not purchase for the week?


When do I have to pay for my transactions?

There are a range of trading terms available to buyers. All accounts are approved as 14 days unless requested otherwise. The due date’s always fall on a Friday, however your due date will be listed on your buyer’s statement.

How can the Melbourne Credit Service save me money?

You will save money through reduced bank fees, and interest.

The following scenario is calculated using approx interest rates, fees & charges from a top 4 bank:

Cost of withdrawing cash daily from Branch to pay sellers $25.00

Interest charged on $20,000.00 overdraft limit $107

Total cost for 14 day period outside of MMCS $132

Same purchases using the credit service

Cost of paying all sellers via internet banking $0.00

Buyer Statement Fee $0.00

Total cost for 14 day period using MMCS $0.00

Saving $132

Based on these figures, the saving over a year is $3432.00

What if I return produce to a wholesaler or we agree on a price change?     

When you return produce or agree to a price change, a credit note will be issued to Melbourne Markets Credit Service by the seller and this will then be removed from your statement. Our online system allows you to enter discrepancies and adjustments that are directly emailed to the seller. If this is agreed MMCS will be notified of the credit.

Which sellers are using the Melbourne Credit Service?

Virtually all the wholesalers within the Melbourne Markets are registered users of the Melbourne Markets Credit Service. Registered users include transport companies, service and fuel providers which allows you to consolidate the majority of your creditors into one easy payment.

Who do I contact if I have any queries regarding my account?

Jenny Taurins can assist you with any questions or queries regarding your account or the Melbourne Markets Credit Service. You can also contact the office on 03 9408 6627 during the hours of 6 am – 2 pm, or email