About MMCS



Melbourne Markets Credit Service (MMCS) is a professional service assisting sellers and buyers of fresh produce to buy and sell using credit in the Melbourne Markets.

Established in 1992, the MMCS has over 25 years industry experience providing the highest standards of excellence and service. The MMCS continues to improve the cash flow of Fresh State members and regular MMCS users, enabling them to conduct their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

All leading retailers and wholesalers use Melbourne Markets Credit Service to save time and money – and the results speak for themselves.

The Melbourne Markets Credit Service is located at the Fresh State Office and is operational during the hours of 6:00am to 2:00pm Monday to Friday.

All sellers and buyers within the Melbourne Markets are encouraged to participate providing numerous advantages to all users.

Buyers advantages include:

  1. Freedom to trade knowing their credit is good.
  2. Receiving only one statement per week covering all credit purchases from registered sellers.
  3. One payment required each week.
  4. Saving in time and bank fees.
  5. The facility to pay your account at the local branch of National Australia Bank.
  6. A benefit to all bona fide buyers by acknowledging credit-worthy sales.

Sellers Advantages include:

  1. Buyers with an approved MMCS card are credit-worthy buyers.
  2. One weekly combined total and sales schedule to registered buyers to be submitted to MMCS.
  3. Regular weekly payment.
  4. No chasing of monies outstanding.
  5. Credit Service assistance with liaison between seller and buyer.
  6. When selling to registered buyers the knowledge that payment will be received.