Fresh State advise that claims made against Melbourne Market wholesalers by a group of Bundaberg growers is inaccurate, putting the creditability of the central market system into disrepute.

The Melbourne Market consists of a large number of wholesalers who trade produce based on great relationships and commercial integrity.

“It is up to the grower to make sure documentation is accurate from their end, and send produce appropriately” says Fresh State President Shane Schnitzler, referring to a trend from some growers to send unsolicited consignments of sweet potato to wholesalers even when the wholesaler has asked them to stop sending.

“It is also the grower’s job to make sure payments are made within trading terms and if not, to either stop sending consignments or make other arrangements with the wholesaler”.

Henri Stevens who is a grower of a variety of produce including sweet potato on the edge of the Lockyer Valley in Queensland, confirms that he has never had any problem with wholesalers at the Melbourne Market.   “I have very good relationships with wholesalers” he says.   “Any issues have always been able to be resolved amicably over the fifty years I have been sending produce to the Melbourne Market.”

Fresh State have many members that trade sweet potatoes in a market which has been over supplied for many years.   “Over ten thousand cartons of sweet potatoes come through the market each week and wholesalers continue to provide a great service by clearing product volumes and returning competitive prices given the prevailing market conditions” continues Shane.

Shane Schnitzler, Fresh State President 0498 110 014
Sally Piper, Fresh State Marketing and Communications Manager 03 9408 6627 or 0406 398 152