Bananas – Only moderate supplies available. Prices remain high for this time of year.

Avocados – Light to moderate supply and values are strong.

Beans – Good supplies available with attractive values.

Sweet Corn – In good supply at the moment and prices are low.

Capsicums – In very good supply from the Queensland growing areas. Prices have been adjusting in a downward direction.

Zucchinis – In ample supply and price is reflective of this.

Eggplant – Supplies now building from Queensland and prices are coming down.

Strawberries – Queensland supplies are now increasing and values are steady.

Blueberries – Moderate to good supply with reasonable values at this seasonal stage.

Asparagus – Light imports coming in from Mexico and Peru. Values are strong.

Canteloupe/Honeydew melons – In light to moderate supply with prices steady.

Cabbages/Cauliflowers/Broccoli – In moderate supply and prices are steady.