Custard Apples – Are now in moderate supply. Prices are adjusting as more become available.

Chestnuts – Good supply of chestnuts now on the market. Prices are coming down as supplies increase.

Beans – Moderate supply of Victorian grown beans. Prices have been steady. Light consignments from Queensland have now also started.

Passionfruit – Is in moderate supply and values are steady.

Tomatoes – Good availability of gourmet and truss varieties. Quality is mixed and values are wide ranging.

Cucumbers – Are in light to moderate supply and prices are up accordingly.

Bananas – Remain in good supply. Quality is variable with a wide than usual price range.

Capsicums, Egg fruit and Zucchini – In moderate supply at steady prices. Local season now winding down and the market will be sourcing interstate supplies.

Lettuce – In short supply and prices higher than normal.

Cabbages, Cauliflower and Broccoli – In moderate supply. prices starting to increase slightly as supply decreases.

Avocados – Supplies of Shepard varieties now more prominent and values are steady. Lighter supplies of Hass variety are now on the market.