Bananas – Good supply and prices are wide ranging according to quality.

Avocados – Moderate to good supply of shepard variety from Queensland. Prices are very attractive and are possibly the lowest in a while. 

Imperial Mandarins – Supplies are now starting to build and values adjusting accordingly.

Zucchini – Quite a good availability from local growing areas and a few have started to arrive from Queensland.

Capsicums – Moderate to good availability of green and reds and prices are adjusting as more supply is coming through.

Tomatoes – Good supply from Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and now Queensland. Prices are  moderate.

Beans – Reasonable supply from Victorian growing areas together with a few starting to arrive from Queensland. Prices are steady. 

Chestnuts – A steady availability and prices are stable. 

Olives – Moderate supply of green. Only a few blacks. Prices are very reasonable.

Cabbages – Steady supply of all varieties at steady values.

Cauliflowers – Moderate supply at steady prices. 

Lettuce – Reasonable supply. Prices adjusting to level of supply.

Custard Apples – Now in moderate supply and values are steady. 

Sweet Potatoes – In very good supply with attractive values.