Avocados – In light to moderate supply from mainly Western Australia and New Zealand. Prices are steady and likely to tighten up further.

Asparagus – Moderate supply from the local areas plus light availability of imports from Mexico. Prices are steady.

Bananas – Reasonable supply at reasonable value.

Mangoes – Moderate to good supply at reasonable value.

Cherries – In reasonably good supply. Quality is variable and this is reflected in the price range.

Peaches/Nectarines/Apricots – All in moderate to good supply at very reasonable prices.

Beans – Good supply from local Victorian growing areas with some from Queensland. Prices are very attractive and quality is wide ranging.

Blueberries – Good supply at present, including imports from New Zealand. Prices are very affordable.

Strawberries/Raspberries – Moderate supply and prices are steady.

Tomatoes – Good supply of gourmet and truss varieties. Prices reflect a very wide quality range.

Capsicums/Zucchini/Eggplant – All in good supply and prices are very attractive at the moment.