Plenty of product is available on the market floor.  There is a good supply of most lines of fruit and vegetables.  Abundance of Honeydews, Rockmelons and good supply of Gourmet and Truss Tomatoes.  The market has been over supplied with bananas due to seasonal factors which has been more than enough to satisfy demand.    Cauli’s, broccoli and lettuce remain steady in both supply and price.  Asparagus are starting to increase in numbers.     Stonefruit and grapes in good supply but coming to the end of the season.    Very good supply of strawberries and moderate supply of blueberries and raspberries.   Limes plentiful and only moderate supply of lemons but quantities are starting to increase.  We will now start to see produce such as capsicums, beans and strawberries come from the Northern areas of Australia as the local season starts to diminish.