Bananas – are in moderate to good supply and prices are variable depending on quality. Supplies will be on the increase and values will adjust accordingly.

Avocados – Hass variety is in very light supply  from Western Australia and prices are strong. New varieties will soon start appearing and this will reflect on prices.

Grapes – Are starting to increase in volume from the growing areas and prices are adjusting. Quality is also improving.

Asparagus – In moderate supply including imports from Peru and Mexico. Prices remain steady and will come down as more supplies are available.

Beans – Moderate to good supplies and values have been reasonably steady.

Tomatoes – All varieties now in good supply from local growing areas. Prices are variable depending on quality.

Oranges – Valencias are now the prominent variety and values are steady.

Lemons – are currently in short supply and values are strong.

Strawberries/Blueberries – in good supply at present and values are very attractive.

Cherries – Are in good supply and prices remain very reasonable.

Mangoes – Supply of Kensington pride variety is starting to decrease but values remain very reasonable. Other varieties will soon become available.