Avocados – Moderate supply of Hass variety and prices are steady.

Bananas – Good supply at moderate values. Quality is wide ranging at present.

Custard Apples – Moderate supply and values are steady.

Strawberries – Moderate supply from Queensland and Western Australian areas. Prices Steady.

Sweet Potatoes – Good to heavy supplies available and values are very attractive.

Beans – Moderate supply from Queensland. Prices vary according to quality.

Peas/Snow Peas/Sugar Snap – All in moderate to good supply.

Blueberries – Light to moderate supply at steady values.

Capsicums – Good supply of Queensland red and green capsicums at good values.

Zucchinis – Moderate supply from Queensland. Values remain steady.

Cabbages/Broccoli/Cauliflowers – All in steady supply.

Lettuce – Moderate supply of iceberg lettuce coming in from Queensland and New South Wales. Values steady.

American imports of Cherries/Nectarines/Peaches – Are on the market in light supply and prices reflect this.