Pricing news from the market floor for June

Bananas are in very good supply at very low to moderate prices.   Most varieties of avocados are now available and prices have adjusted downward in keeping with the level of supply.  Imperial Mandarins continue in good supply from Queensland and now the Riverland area and prices are very moderate.  Paw Paws and Papaya are in reasonably good supply and values are steady.  Cherries, peaches and nectarines are on the market from the USA.  Beans in good supply from the Queensland area and prices remain steady.  Supply of capsicums and eggfruit are on the increase and values are dropping.  Local supplies of zucchinis have now finished but Queensland supplies are now building and prices remain reasonable.   Chestnuts are still available with steady prices.   Custard Apples remain in moderate supply and prices are steady.   Continued moderate supply of cabbages and cauli’s with values remaining virtually unchanged.  Strawberry quantities increasing from the Queensland growing areas and prices are adjusting accordingly.   There is currently a slight temporary shortage of Iceberg lettuce with prices a little higher than normal.

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