Bananas are now in moderate to good supply at assorted prices. Strawberries are in ample supply at very attractive prices. Custard apples in light supply from Northern NSW and prices remain steady.

Kensington Pride mango varieties are now available from NT with supplies starting to build and prices are reflected accordingly. Avocados are in increasing supply from all Australian growing areas and New Zealand imports. Beans are in steady supply and prices are stable.

Both volume and prices of gourmet varieties of tomatoes have stabilised. There are increased supplies of truss tomatoes in fluctuating quality and prices.

Broccoli and cauliflowers are in moderate to good supply and prices remain attractive. Hard produce lines of pumpkin, potatoes and onions are in moderate supply ready for consumers to make a hearty winter’s soup.

Continental and Lebanese cucumber varieties are in short to moderate supply and values are higher than usual. Capsicum, egg fruit and zucchinis are all in light to moderate supply and values are reflected accordingly.

Asparagus from local growing areas are in moderate supply at attractive prices. Artichokes, both globe and purple varieties, are now in good supply at attractive prices. White and dark varieties of grapes available from the USA in light to moderate supply. Mushrooms are in good to steady supply at stable prices.