Pricing News updates from the Melbourne Market floor as of September 2018.





Bananas are in moderate supply and holding at moderate values.





Moderate supply of the Hass variety with Western Australia and South Australia Premium coming into the market at strong prices.






Custard Apples:

Custard Apples are coming to the end of their season with low levels around in September.








Supply of beans coming into the market in September has been moderate with prices remaining moderate.





Peas, Snow Peas, Sugar Snap Peas:

Supply of these varieties are steady with prices remaining steady also. Growing conditions have been good in QLD which should see good supplies to continue.






Supply of zucchini is moderate to high, and their prices remain steady.







The supply of capsicums is moderate , and prices are also holding steady at moderate values.







Prices remain stable with tomatoes coming into September with good supply to the market.





Mangoes are at low volumes coming into September but are predicted to increase mid month with the harvest; prices are steady.






The supply of strawberries to the market has been strong with prices easing.






A strong supply of blueberries are reaching the market with prices remaining moderate also.






The supply of cucumbers coming into September is moderate to light with prices holding strong.