About Us



Fresh State is the only member organisation representing the interests of Melbourne Wholesalers and associated service industries at the Melbourne Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market.

Fresh State is located close to its members in the heart of the new Epping market.

Fresh State provides quality services to its members and the greater market community including:

Our Vision

Fresh State will be the leading State body in the Fresh Produce Industry

Fresh State will facilitate improved prosperity of its membership and the fresh produce industry in general based upon:-

  • The creation and preservation of unity amongst wholesalers of the fresh produce industry in Victoria
  • Open channels of communication and co-operation with other associations and industry groups engaged in the fresh produce industry
  • The promotion of the benefits of fresh produce consumption to market users and the community
  • To protect and promote the interests of all members in matters affecting their business and trading operations in Victoria
  • The provision of effective representation to any government association or industry authority on behalf of members in respect to any issue or regulation which may affect the interest of members
  • To encourage growers to use Melbourne Markets and our members facilities in the marketing of their produce

Our Mission

  • To provide relevant and timely service to Fresh State members by anticipating and responding to their commercial needs and the continuous improvement of the environment that members operate within
  • To encourage unity within the membership so that we speak with one voice thus adding strength in all our dealings
  • To provide leadership and innovation that will add value to members businesses
  • To ensure members are treated with respect and dignity by market users

Our Values

Ethics – to act with honesty and integrity in all negotiations affecting members

Communication – to keep members fully informed using all communication channels

Understanding – to appreciate members requirements and their Industry needs

Commitment – to the provision of the best possible services to members, and the best possible outcomes for the Fresh Produce Industry

Results – the provision of timely, valued and successful outcomes for members