Fresh State have hit out at comments made recently by some media accusing Melbourne Market wholesalers of underhanded tactics when dealing with growers.

Fresh State President Shane Schnitzler says recent comments made in The Weekly Times encourage rumours that are not only detrimental to wholesalers at the Melbourne Market but also tarnish the entire industry.   “Making bullying accusations without evidence or facts is just poor journalism” he says. “In some instances they have not even used a direct quote from their source.”

Sadly, as well as making damaging claims, The Weekly Times have not disclosed the name of the grower or the name of the alleged wholesaler and therefore not provided any opportunity for rebuttal. “The correct process for growers or any person that is a subject to unlawful behaviour is to go straight to law enforcement authorities, not the media”.

The Melbourne Market trades $2.5 billion worth of business annually with less than one percent of this figure represented in recent grower complaints regarding non payments.

“The majority of trading in the Melbourne Market is based on good commercial choice and good commercial practice from all parties” continues Shane.   “We (Fresh State) recommend growers do their homework on who they are doing business with and don’t blame the whole industry when things don’t go their way”.