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The process for joining the Melbourne Markets Credit Service is very simple.

Complete the Contact Us form below or email for more information.

There are no application or registration fees and once you are a registered user of the service you have access to start buying or selling through the credit service straight away.

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    Benefits Include:

    Ease the Load Reduce the endless hours of paperwork in your business. MMCS does all the hard work for you, so you can do what you do best.
    Streamlined and Simple With MMCS you purchase produce as normal from MMCS registered sellers and receive only one invoice (non-itemised for confidentiality) and make only one payment per week. So you save time, banking fees and accounting costs.
    Effective and Efficient With MMCS your book keeping is simplified and streamlined. You can download your weekly statements and previous statements remain available online.
    Safe and Secure Carrying large amounts of cash is dangerous and risky. Now with MMCS you can have peace of mind, knowing your payments are taken care of – no cash – no worries.
    Quality and Control As a registered user of MMCS your credit rating is protected.
    Credit and Confidence With the backing of a good credit rating your MMCS registration allows you to enter the market and buy with confidence from any MMCS registered sellers.
    Options and Flexibility One of the many benefits of MMCS registration is its flexibility. You can pay using EFT or deposit your cheque at your local branch.
    Dispute and Negotiation Services With experience in negotiation and liaison between buyers and sellers, MMCS can deal with and resolve disputes and credit requests. So you maintain good trading relationships and stress free transactions.
    Convenient Payment Options With MMCS payments are easy. Simply pay once a week by
    • Direct deposit or
    • Pay at your local National Australia Bank (no fees apply)

    Melbourne Market Credit Service Member Rules 

    Please click on the link below to view the rules MMCS members need to abide by. 

    MMCS Rules