Pricing News updates from the Melbourne Market floor as of October 2018.




Lighter supplies of bananas are coming through the market currently and values are higher than usual.






There is a moderate to good supply of the Hass variety of avocados and prices are adjusting accordingly.







There is a good supply of beans coming in from Queensland growing areas and their values are currently very attractive.






A moderate supply of zucchinis are coming in from Queensland and some from the Mildura area. Their values are remaining steady.







The supply of gourmet, truss, and cherry tomato varieties is light to moderate, and their prices are steady.






A reasonably steady supply of Kensington Pride variety are coming in from the Northern Territory, and prices are adjusting as more supply becomes available.






There are very light supplies available from Queensland and New South Wales. Prices are high but will adjust as more supplies become available.





Rock Melon/Honeydew Melon:

Reasonable supplies of melons are available in the market and prices are remaining steady.







A steady supply of all varieties of cabbages are coming into the market and prices are steady.







There is a steady supply of broccoli in the market with steady values holding.







A moderate to good supply of cauliflowers are coming into the market currently and are holding at steady values.







Strawberries are in good supply and are sitting at very attractive values.








Like strawberries, blueberries are also in good supply and their values are remaining attractive.







A moderate to good supply of iceberg lettuce and prices beginning to ease slightly.