Pricing news from the market floor for August

Bananas are in short supply for the next few weeks and prices have lifted accordingly.   Strawberries now in good supply from QLD and WA and pricing has come right back.   Custard apples in light supply from Northern NSW and prices remain steady.

Kensington Pride mango varieties now available from NT but in light supply – volume will build in the coming weeks.

Avos are in modest supply from QLD and NSW with prices remaining steady. WA and SA supplies have started with NZ not too far away.

Beans quantities are now on the increase with prices coming down.   Gourmet varieties of tomatoes are in steady supply with prices steady. Truss in shorter supply and prices higher than usual at present.

Broccoli and cauli’s are in moderate to good supply and prices remain attractive. Hard produce lines of pumpkin, potatoes and onions are in moderate supply ready for consumers to make a hearty winter’s soup.

Continental and Lebanese cucumber varieties are in short to moderate supply and values are higher than usual.

Capsicum, eggfruit and zucchinis are all in moderate to good supply and values are reflected accordingly.

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