Custard Apples – Have started to arrive in light quantities. Prices will moderate as supply increases.

Blueberries/Strawberries/Blackberries/Raspberries – Are now in light to moderate supply.

Grapes – Most varieties are now in reasonable supply and values are steady.

Limes – Are in oversupply and prices are very cheap.

Bananas – Light supply for the next 2/3 weeks and prices are firmer.

Beans – Remain in steady supply with values also steady.

Avocados – Light quantities of Hass variety on the market and prices remain strong. Shepard variety from Queensland have now started to come in.

Tomatoes – Moderate supply of Gourmet and Roma varieties at steady values. Truss variety also in reasonable supply.

Broccoli/Lettuce/Zuchinis/Eggfruit – All in moderate supply and prices are steady.