Pricing news from the market floor for July

Bananas will continue to be in good supply throughout July and prices will be very reasonable.   Due to seasonal factors a few lines will be in short or shorter supply until Spring such as broccoli, cauli’s, cabbages and lettuce.  Prices of these lines will adjust in accordance with supply.  Lines such as beans, snow peas, peas and sugar snap peas, will also be in short supply and prices will be higher and this again is due to weather factors which have affected production in Queensland.  Rockmelon and Honeydew melon will also be in shorter supply for the new few weeks whereas tomatoes, caps and eggfruit will continue at a steady supply and price range.   Strawberries from Queensland will be in lighter supply throughout the month of July but should pick up in August.  There will be steady supplies of Hass avocados and prices should remain stable, but other varieties such as Sharwill, Wurtz and Fuerte will all be dropping off in supply.   USA stonefruit such as peaches, cherries and nectarines are in reasonable supply at the moment and supply from Queensland is not too far away.  Local grapes are still available even through it is the tail end of the season but grapes from the USA are expected on the market floor later this month.

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