Beans – The local season has all but ended. Light supplies are coming in from Queensland with quantities slowly building. Price is higher than average at present.

Peas/Snow Peas/Sugar Snap Peas – Light to moderate supply. Prices adjusting as quantities increase.

Passionfruit – Moderate to good supply available. Values are steady.

Avocados – An increase to supply on the market and prices have reduced slightly.

Bananas – Lighter supply than normal and prices are high for this time of year.

Capsicums – Light to moderate supply as the local season has now ended. Queensland supplies are starting to build. Prices are steady.

Strawberries – Light to moderate supply. Prices will adjust as Queensland supplies increase.

Blueberries – In very light supply and prices reflect this.

Broccoli/Cauliflower – Plentiful supply is now available and prices are much lower.

Lettuce – Moderate supply and values are steady.

Zucchini – Good supply now coming in from Queensland growing areas and prices are decreasing.