Bananas – In short supply at present and prices are increasing accordingly

Avocados – Moderate to good supply of Hass, Sharwil, Sheppard, and Wurtz varieties. Values are very attractive.

Custard Apples – In moderate supply and values are steady

Beans – Light to moderate supply from Queensland areas. Values remain steady. 

Peas/Snowpeas/Sugarsnaps – In moderate supply with values steady.

Zucchini – Light to moderate supply now from Queensland. Values reflect this.

Capsicums – Now almost all supply is coming from Queensland and values are steady.

Eggplants – Good supply available and prices are moderate.

Tomatoes – Good availability of all varieties and prices are low at present.

Cauliflowers/Cabbages/Broccoli – All in steady supply at steady prices

Oranges – Moderate supply of navels at steady values

Lemons – Light to moderate supply and values remain steady. 

Mandarins – Imperial and Afourer varieties available in moderate supply with steady prices.