Bananas – Supply is now on the increase and prices have fallen.

Avocados – Only moderate supply available at present. Western Australian production has come to an end and Queensland areas are now kicking in with Shepherd variety.

Custard Apples – Light supplies have started to come in from Queensland. Prices will adjust as more become available. 

Sweet Potatoes – Are in good supply and prices are very moderate.

Mangoes –  The season is coming to an end soon. Brook variety is in moderate supply from Queensland areas. Light supply of Kensington Pride is available from Western Australia and the Victorian riverland.

Blueberries – In short supply from Tasmania and Coffs Harbour. Some New Zealand imports are available and prices are higher than normal.

Asparagus – In moderate supply including imports from Mexico. Prices are steady. 

Stonefruit – The season will soon come to an end but there is moderate availability of peaches and nectarines at steady values.

Chestnuts – Light supplies have now started and prices will adjust as more become available.

Cucumbers/Capsicums/Eggfruit – Are all in moderate to good supply and values are steady.

Beans & Peas – Are in light to moderate supply. Prices are a little higher than normal.

Sweet Corn – In good supply and prices are very attractive.

Cabbage and Cauliflowers – Are in steady supply and prices are reasonable.