Bananas and Imperial mandarins are in very good supply and prices are very attractive.

A number of avocado varieties will remain in good supply this month but the vast variety are Hass.

Grapes are still available and are now on the way out but no doubt imports will soon follow.   Very small quantities of imported cherries have now hit the market. Blueberries are in very short supply for the next few weeks. Local strawberries are starting to finish up but Queensland and Western Australian supplies are starting to pick up the slack.

There is good availability of greens such as cabbages, lettuce and broccoli, but cauliflowers will be in short supply.

The transition to Queensland grown produce is now well under way with beans, corn, tomatoes, zucchinis, eggfruit, capsicums, rockmelons and honeydews on the market floor as production from the south finishes up.

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