Pricing news from the market floor for November

Spring is finally here with stone fruit now on the market floor

The first new season cherries are now on the market floor together with supplies of peaches and nectarines which are building each week.   Mangoes supplies are increasing from the Northern Territory and values easing accordingly.

Strawberries are in moderate to good supply from local areas but still receiving from Western Australia. Prices are very attractive.   Blueberries in moderate supply from NSW with prices steady.

The good old banana continues to be in good supply with steady prices.

Avocadoes are in moderate supply from Western Australia and Victoria and prices slightly easing.

Beans are in better supply and prices moderate.   Cabbages, broccoli and cauli’s are all in steady supply.

Potatoes remain in short supply and values higher than usual.

Zucchini’s and capsicum’s are currently in short supply and values have risen significantly however eggplants are in very good supply.   All varieties of cucumbers are in moderate to good supply and prices easing.

Tomatoes are in reasonable supply with steady prices. Truss and Cherry varieties in good supply.

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