Bananas – Are in good supply and prices are low.

Tomatoes – Good to heavy supply of both gourmet and truss varieties at very cheap values.

Avocados – Light/moderate supplies of mainly Hass variety from Western Australia. Prices remain steady.

Asparagus – Supplies from Mexico are diminishing but local supply is building. Prices are beginning to drop slightly.

Capsicums – Good supply of all colours from Queensland and prices are very attractive.

Eggfruit – Plenty of supply on hand at very low prices.

Rockmelon/Honeydews – Supply now building from Queensland and Northern Territory and values are djusting accordingly.

Beans – Steady supply available and prices are stable.

Zucchinis – Are in good supply and values are low.

Strawberries – In very good supply from Queensland and Western Australia. Prices are low. Local supply should start within the next few weeks.

Blueberries – Ample supply from New South wales and Queensland and prices are very affordable.

Broccoli/Cauliflower/Lettuce – Are all in steady to good supply and prices are moderate.