The Fresh State Promotional Video is now Live!

Make sure you watch the brand new Fresh State Promotional Video that was premiered at the 2018 Fresh State Gala Ball. Not only is it filled with familiar faces, but it showcases the community and friendships of the market and what Fresh State provides to it’s members everyday. Feel free to share this link with […]

Fresh State of Affairs – Issue #43

  Find out why the members of Fresh State have no confidence in the Melbourne Market Authority, what the feeling around the market is about public access with the Melbourne Market, and hear more stories from the market floor in Issue #43 of Fresh State of Affairs.  

August 2018 – Pricing News from the Market Floor

  Pricing News updates from the Melbourne Market floor as of the beginning of August 2018.     Bananas: This August bananas are in moderate supply in the market and their prices are steady.       Avocados: There is a reasonable supply of the Hass variety of avocado from growing regions in Queensland, and […]

Pricing News from the Market Floor for July

  Avocados – Moderate supply of Hass variety and prices are steady. Bananas – Good supply at moderate values. Quality is wide ranging at present. Custard Apples – Moderate supply and values are steady. Strawberries – Moderate supply from Queensland and Western Australian areas. Prices Steady. Sweet Potatoes – Good to heavy supplies available and […]

2018 Fresh State Gala Ball

    We would like to thank all those who joined with us to celebrate a wonderful year at the market at the 2018 Fresh State Gala Ball. With a three course meal in luxurious surrounds, the prestigious Fresh State Awards, as well as music and dancing, the night was enjoyed by all.   Congratulations to […]

Pricing News From the Market Floor for June

Bananas – In short supply at present and prices are increasing accordingly Avocados – Moderate to good supply of Hass, Sharwil, Sheppard, and Wurtz varieties. Values are very attractive. Custard Apples – In moderate supply and values are steady Beans – Light to moderate supply from Queensland areas. Values remain steady.  Peas/Snowpeas/Sugarsnaps – In moderate […]

Pricing News from the Market Floor for April

Bananas – Good supply and prices are wide ranging according to quality. Avocados – Moderate to good supply of shepard variety from Queensland. Prices are very attractive and are possibly the lowest in a while.  Imperial Mandarins – Supplies are now starting to build and values adjusting accordingly. Zucchini – Quite a good availability from […]

Pricing News from The Market Floor For March

Bananas – Supply is now on the increase and prices have fallen. Avocados – Only moderate supply available at present. Western Australian production has come to an end and Queensland areas are now kicking in with Shepherd variety. Custard Apples – Light supplies have started to come in from Queensland. Prices will adjust as more […]