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Pricing News From the Market Floor for October

  Bananas – In shorter supply than normal and prices have increased accordingly Avocados – Light supplies of Hass variety from Western Australia and New Zealand imports. Values remain strong. Asparagus – Moderate to good supplies from local areas and prices have moderated. Blueberries – In good supply at good values. Strawberries – Queensland supplies […]

Pricing News from the Market Floor for September

  Bananas – Are in good supply and prices are low. Tomatoes – Good to heavy supply of both gourmet and truss varieties at very cheap values. Avocados – Light/moderate supplies of mainly Hass variety from Western Australia. Prices remain steady. Asparagus – Supplies from Mexico are diminishing but local supply is building. Prices are […]

Pricing News from the Market Floor for June

  Beans – The local season has all but ended. Light supplies are coming in from Queensland with quantities slowly building. Price is higher than average at present. Peas/Snow Peas/Sugar Snap Peas – Light to moderate supply. Prices adjusting as quantities increase. Passionfruit – Moderate to good supply available. Values are steady. Avocados – An increase […]

Pricing News From the Market Floor for April

Custard Apples – Are now in moderate supply. Prices are adjusting as more become available. Chestnuts – Good supply of chestnuts now on the market. Prices are coming down as supplies increase. Beans – Moderate supply of Victorian grown beans. Prices have been steady. Light consignments from Queensland have now also started. Passionfruit – Is […]

Pricing News from the Market Floor for February

Custard Apples – Have started to arrive in light quantities. Prices will moderate as supply increases. Blueberries/Strawberries/Blackberries/Raspberries – Are now in light to moderate supply. Grapes – Most varieties are now in reasonable supply and values are steady. Limes – Are in oversupply and prices are very cheap. Bananas – Light supply for the next […]

Pricing news from the market floor for January 2017

Tomatoes – Gourmet varieties are in lighter supply than normal as the local season was late starting. A few have now started to arrive on the market. Truss and cherry varieties are in moderate to good supply. Berries – Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are in moderate to good supply and prices are reasonable. Cherries […]

Pricing news from the market floor for December 2016

CHRISTMAS BERRIES & CHERRIES:   Strawberries – in steady supply and prices remain stable.   Blueberries – now in light supply and values are higher.  Raspberries and blackberries – in moderate supply at very stead prices.   Cherries – currently in light supply and this is expected to continue until the new year. STONEFRUIT:  Peaches, nectarines and apricots […]

Pricing news from the market floor for November

Spring is finally here with stone fruit now on the market floor The first new season cherries are now on the market floor together with supplies of peaches and nectarines which are building each week.   Mangoes supplies are increasing from the Northern Territory and values easing accordingly. Strawberries are in moderate to good supply from […]


Bananas are in plentiful supply and prices remain good. Avocado supply is shortening with value increasing. Potatoes are in short supply and prices have jumped. Asparagus is in good supply at a reasonable price. Supply of strawberries has diminished significantly due to the QLD season finishing up. Supplies are now mainly from WA and local […]


Bananas are now in moderate to good supply at assorted prices. Strawberries are in ample supply at very attractive prices. Custard apples in light supply from Northern NSW and prices remain steady. Kensington Pride mango varieties are now available from NT with supplies starting to build and prices are reflected accordingly. Avocados are in increasing […]